Cages Compressor Store have a great range of air compressors for sale. Our extensive selection of industrial, portable and home use air compressors, include well known manufacturers such as NUAIR and FINI which are designed to help with a wide number of pneumatic applications, including the operating of workshop air tools and tyre inflation. Buy from our extensive range of top quality air compressors specifically chosen to provide both exceptional value for money and impressive reliability which are guaranteed to provide you with an air compressor which will provide many years of service. However, we are more than just an air compressor shop! We also provide you with expert advice on various aspects of the compressed air business, - including installation, maintenance and servicing of a range of air compressors and pneumatic solutions, thus ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. 
Cages are your one-stop shop for all your compressor service parts and accessories. We carry stock a huge range of service items including NEMA EXPOTHERM and CONDOR PRESSURE SWITCHES, compressor safety valves and non-return valves. We also carry a large range of COMPRESSOR VALVE PLATES, REGULATORS, PRESSURE SWITCHES and LUBRICANTS which will keep your air compressor in tip-top condition.
Cages Compressor Store also stock and sell a wide range of compressed air products from some of the pneumatic industry’s leading brands such as – CJEN, EMC, FINI COMPRESSORS, Metal Work, Mighty Seven, NUAIR COMPRSSORS, Sealey, PCL, Universal Air Tools.
So if you are seeking to buy your next air compressor or air tool online choose from our range of NUAIR and FINI air compressors and our great range of compressor parts and spares which we have for sale at Cages Compressor Store.
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Service Kit for CHINOOK K30

Service Kit for CHINOOK K30£186.30

MIG Gas Regulator 1 Gauge Industrial

MIG Gas Regulator 1 Gauge Industrial£74.45   £55.99

MIG Gas Regulator 2 Gauge Industrial

MIG Gas Regulator 2 Gauge Industrial£101.94   £75.00

MIG Gas Regulator Disposable Cylinder 1 Gauge

MIG Gas Regulator Disposable Cylinder 1 Gauge£55.14   £37.50

MIG Gas Regulator Disposable Cylinder No Gauge

MIG Gas Regulator Disposable Cylinder No Gauge£44.94   £27.00